VVVV full-time job @ Cinimod Studio, London

Cinimod Studio is looking for a full-time VVVV developer to join the studio to continue in the fun, research and projects that has recently included the following VVVV work:

In depth job description online. There’s lots of information on there, but if you’re a really good VVVV person then that’s the main thing. We’ve got access to tons of kit and technologies, and work with all sorts of real-world inputs and outputs. Experience in lighting (DMX etc), VJ’ing, Project Mapping, Kinects and depth cameras, etc, all a major plus. Experience in other tools (eg. Unity 3d, etc) also a bonus.

Position must be full time, and must be at our London Notting Hill studio.

Please apply to dominic at cinimodstudio.com

Hi all,
We are still looking for a talented VVVV person to join us on some upcoming fun and ambitious projects. Ideally full-time in-house job role, but if you are a freelancer please also get in touch,

damn i wish i wouldn’t be 1455 Km far away
still in europe though