VVVV freezes up and the reboots

I am working on a project with a friend of mine and we are having a weird problem. The patches he did on his machine working normally but when we try to open any patch that he did my computer simply freezes for 1 sec, then the windows blue screen appears and system reboots, no matter what I couldnt solve this.

Any ideas ?

do those patches contain any nodes of the category DShow9?

have you tried opening them on another windows install? do your patches include a full screen renderer? could be a video driver issue for instance… look carefully at the blue screen, does it give you a driver name or some information regarding the crash?

To Kalle:

Yeah as soon as I open the pathc it tries to go FS and XML file has several lines like:

How can I prevent the patch opening in FS with modifiyng the xml files ?


there is a way to edit the XML so it just isn’t fullscreen but I generally just remove the whole renderer node from the XML. Just remove everything from