Vvvv freezes to death on specific computer


I’m having this problem which I cannot find any way to identify well, but let’s try anyway:

On a DELL XPS 14 (2011 model), only using vvvv,

on a regular patch, (let’s say, vlc, some shaders and only one renderer, or any gpu particles example) the processor goes up to 99% and Perf meter to 1 FPS. The only way is to close is to kill vvvv process, and when I reopen the same patch, it works well for about 10 minutes or so.

I know it’s not very specific to report this, But I can’t find any more clue.

The thing I’m sure is that it has to be Hardware/Driver issue. Because It’s a clean W7 install, and the same patch works perfect on any other computer.

Maybe It’s a problem from the SSD Drive ?

I really don’t know how to go forward with this, what could I use to diagnose , test or check, so any hint would be appreciated

early optimus notebook. i had trouble with it too. search forum for optimus trouble.

Yeah, I think you are right

Now I changed to use the onboard intel gpu and it works ok
thing is now I don’t have antialiasing and probably less performance…

anyone had this problem?

I checked forum but didn’t saw a freeze like this

weird thing is in performance monitor goes up to 100% but there’s not process who’s doing that…

Ok I think I found the solution

On nvidia panel, its important to set global settings on integrated graphics, and set the specific programs you want to use with NVIDIA.