Vvvv forgets where i'm saving to

Whenever I save a patch, I always have to navigate back to the correct folder
The save dialog never ‘remembers’. Load does remember

Would also be cool have a CTRL Q that quits everything immediatly without saving, a sort of HALT! :)

at the moment in my vvvversion it seems to do CTRL Q == CTRL O == open patch

@sugoku: the saveAs dialog should always open with the directory of the current patch. this was fixed for beta25.

so please make sure you are testing this with b25.1 and report exact missing behavior from there (if any).

@fibo: that could probably be alt+shift+F4
ctrl Q and ctrl O being the same is one of my personal favorite quirks. using ctrl+q/w to open/close patches quickly works quite nice for me. and Q looks quite similar to O which makes it even more plausible to me…