Vvvv.exe hang with startup error on win7

Hi vvvvolks,

please take a look at my start up log. We are running on win764bit and
when we start vvvv 45beta27.1 it hangs with the following error message in the start up log:

vvvv caused error during startup: GetExportedValue cannot be called before prerequisite import ‘VVVV.Hosting.Factories.StartableRegistry…ctor (Parameter=“parentContainer”, ContractName=“System.ComponentModel.Composition.Hosting.CompositionContainer”)’ has been set.

Please advise,

best regards

vvvvstartuplog.txt (2.1 kB)

I am seeing the same error in my startup log with the startup screen of vvvv hanging. using win7 x64 with vvvv_45beta28.1

Any ideas?


not really… it was a clean install without any addonpack or other additional nodes, crack.exe shows all green and lib\nodes\nodelist.xml is present?

yes. clean no addons, xml present. i switched back to 45beta28 and it works. 28.1 is still stuck on startup

if you look at the windows firewall settings, any difference there for the beta28 and beta28.1 installation?
beta28.1 didn’t change anything in the startup code. it has to be some configuration thing…

there is only the windows firewall in use. i can find two inbound rules for 28. it was the first time that a vvvv setup was run on this machine. i can remember that 28 did fire up a windows dialog for allowing communcation of vvvv throuhg the firewall while 28.1 never did.

probably because 28.1 never even got to that point … what happens if you start latest alpha build of vvvv? same error?

the alpha build works. windows firewall dialog is showing up too.

i now redonwloaded beat28.1 and it works. i have no idea why, since i wasnt even able to change any files and the archive unzipped fine.

so maybe the downloaded file was corrupt? i mean many website provide a md5 checksum or something so it could happen that during the download something got messed up?

it could be. but i had no error messages during unzip.

happens time to time