Vvvv & eeg

Hello all,

First of all for your great program & for the active community.

I hope you will be able to understand my question because my english is not very good, anyway :

I want to connect an EEG via USB and acquire the data in vvvv. Is there any way to do that ?
Is there a way without programming a specific driver, by for example retrieving the information passing through the usb port ?

I hope my question makes any sense,



this is not EEG, but a couple of weeks ago i wrote a little module for jannis zen station. he bought some very nice puls oxymetry oem evaluation kits from nonin in the us. they were basically cables connecting your pulse to usb. from the vvvvv side they can be accessed via a virtual rs232 port.

i have attached a patch for controlling these thingies.

jannis is on vacation, but i hope he can fill in some details soon.

pulse_oximeter_super.zip (2.3 kB)


I’ve made some experiments using EEG to generate abstract structures within VVVV. I’ve NOT recorded EEG online. I’ve just used an EEG track pre-recorded in a laboratory. My EEG visualizer is downloadable from my userpage http://www.vvvv.org/tiki-index.php?page=UserPagelanvideosource

I can’t help you with USB eeg recorder interfacing. I’m trying to build an analogic EEG amplificator (2 channels + 1 reference electrode) that I’ll interface with arduino. If you are interested in analogic approaches I’ll keep you informed about my progresses.

Good luck