Vvvv & e:cue

I need to program a show for a series of LED panels controlled by e:cue’s Media Engine 2 - Butler.
I do not want to be restricted to e:cue’s Lighting Application Suite and would like to know if maybe vvvv can be used as a light control gateway for other software (Processing, MAX/MSP, etc.)… ?
Any info in this regard will be greatly appreciated.

it’s not clear what you mean by “light control gateway” but you can connect to any software supports osc/midi

DMX (Devices ecue Butler)
DMX (Devices ecue Texture)

but why using vvvv only as gateway?
for sure it’s possible but vvvv itself is wonderful for generating DMXdata :)


yes and no ;) that restrictions in the .dll are sometimes really annoying… controlling a led-wall and some PAR-spots at the same time needs advanced knowledge with patchelor…

but yes… device is very stable - needs nearly no ressources and the texture-thing is amazing ;)

Well, the idea is that later on different artists would be able to use the software of their choice to design the light patterns and not be confined to a specific platform. vvvv is great for the job, but the idea here is flexibility and not restricting an artist that uses MAX/MSP/JITTER or Processing, for example. If that was the case, all they had to do is bring their laptop and plug it in to the computer running the “vvvv gateway” and voilá!

osc is your friend