Vvvv doesn't see audio driver

hi, does anybody know why vvvv may not detect any audio driver?
it’s okay with VAudio pack + Asio but not with DShow9 + integral Realtek audio driver, i see just red nodes in this case…
or maybe there is another solution to get RMS data from audio to use it with BeatDetector?

will be grateful for any suggestions, thanks

Did you install asio4all? VAudio only works with asio


VAudio is okay, all nodes work well with asio driver.
but i need to use DShow9 (specifically RMS node) and these nodes dont work because they dont see any audio driver

the Meter (VAudio) is basically the same as the RMS node…

Do you have both VAudio and dshow audio running at the same time?
Asio4all takes over the audio interface and no other software can use it.
So try just having dshow audio running and no VAudio

sunep, DShow doesnt work in any case for some reason and also when the Asio is off. Then it works on my other laptop so i guess there’s smth with the audio settings on the PC…

tonfilm, thank you, that’s what i need!

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