Vvvv designed websites?

Hello all. Besides the vvvv home, what other websites have used vvvv for it’s design? Is there an existing list/thread of some sort that has covered this question?

I’d love to be able to see examples of what people are doing with vvvv as a web design tool.



helo jared.

there might be a misunderstanding…
“vvvv as a web design tool”
vvvv is not a web design tool. only the screenshots of the day are examples of what people are doing with vvvv. all the rest of this page is based on tikiwiki.

on the other side, the built in HTTP Server allows serving webpages from within vvvv. this is more a tool for generating admin pages for patches than something designers would consider as a web design tool. but we would happily start a link collection of vvvv web servers if we would receive any…

oooops. yes, i misunderstood. thanks for the link to tikiwiki.

i’m wandering if it’s possible to integrate vvvv developped graphic animations (a vvvv running patch )in a web page…
this thread make me thinks it’s hardly possible,
am i wrong?
if yes wich web design application could embodie a vvvv patch?

thanks for any reply

sorry, there is no vvvv plugin for playing back vvvv animations on web pages, like you could do this e.g. with flash. vvvv is made for high performance applications on dedicated hardware and not for worldwide playback on any imaginable hardware.

What you could do though is:

  • setting up a vvvv web server which can generate jpg images on demand.
  • or generate many images and create video files out of them
  • use vvvv to offline generate images and videos to embed them into web pages
  • think of ways to generate files in vvvv for playback with svg, vrml, flash, pdf, processing, java or any other web player

vvvv as a realtime processor for web content don’t sound that stupid. Why not.
Direct 3D and OGL isn’t the only final renderer that can be used.
You can send data to flash that then does some of the work.
I would consider hiding behind Apache or similar for security though.

Maybe vvvv can be used as a sidekick to Ajax.
Or maybe just poke around in MySQL.

Multi user might be a problem though. But what do I know.
I’m new to vvvv.

you might be interested in this paper

A Dataflow Graph based Approach to Web Application Development

or my thesis

Graphical Web Server Programming