VVVV Design Studio London

Hi Guys,

I was wondering if anybody knew of a design studio in London that uses VVVV? During my degree I used VVVV a lot, however, since leaving I have joined a traditional advertising agency. A year in, I am missing the hands on nature of getting involved and actually creating something myself (currently I work more on the conceptual side).

Does anybody know of a design agency that uses VVVV? or perhaps an agency that creates digital installations (perhaps like www.unit9.com). I would greatly appreciate any suggestions!


generally browse this when looking for vvvv studios: https://vvvv.org/businesses

Perfect, thank you!

If anybody else has suggestions that aren’t on the list please send them through.

also there is marshmallowlaserfeast, quayola, thisisYR and some more i don’t recall at the moment.

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