Vvvv crashing on Mac OS X running Parallels 6

Hi everyone,

I am trying to make vvvv work with my mac (the 2010 13" Macbook Pro, 4 Gb RAM), running snow leopard and Parallels 6. I have tried with Windows XP and WIndows 7 and both of them have the same result: it opens the grey “hello” page, but no canvas or nothing else after it closes.

I have being trying to find a workaround, but nothing so far. What could it be? I just want to fix this as soon as possible!



I guess vvvv is not ment to run on a virtual machine? Why don´t you just use bootcamp and nativly boot windows? Running inside a VM will always produce alot overhead, lowering your framerate drasticly. From what I know running realtime graphical apps inside VM is not recommend at all, no matter what type.

It would be only for prototyping. I have another computer that runs Windows. I really don’t want to partition my hard drive right now…

However, I’ve read some posts about people who were able to run it under Parallels. Is that still true for Parallels 6?

try newest vmware fusion … had better results than in parallels but of course some crashes might happen

hi leandro,
i’ve had no problems running vvvv with parallels 6 in a similar setup; i guess you’re already familiar with the troubleshooting page, but it sounds like starting vvvv with the command line option /logstartup might help.
btw, which version of vvvv are you trying to run?