VVVV content artist needed 4 exciting project


I have an exciting 360 seamless visuals project to do out at the Miami Winter Music Conference at the end of march, cool club event using 22 projectors, loads of industry bigwigs and event companies will be there. Check the last 360 I did > http://vimeo.com/7192689 + http://vimeo.com/7354209 . The big one was a 12 year old birthday party so the content was pretty tame. Not like this project that will need a style more like my normal VJ visuals > http://www.vimeo.com/4482169 + http://www.vimeo.com/3985950 .

Where you come in?.. I’m so busy on other projects it hurts. I need someone who makes great vvvv content who wants to collaborate and help make some content for my 360 engine.

There is no money this time, the job is expenses only, but hopefully this will generate some gigs for proper proper money. We’re come up with some agreement on future gigs / money etc beforehand and you’re be on flyers and all relating promo / press releases.

I will be supplying all the hardware for the gig. All you’re need is to get on a plane with a laptop or USB key on the 24th March, returning 27th March.


anyone?.. no text …

I’d love to, but I’m a busy bee too :(

Maybe it’s too late, but i’m can i think. Msg me in skype- algariol. Or by mail - algariol@gmail.com . My portfolio - http://behance.net/smakhtin