Vvvv changes ICC profile after closing


Hey ho,

i got a problem when i updated to win 10.
Everytime i open vvvv and then close it my ICC colorprofile changes and the colors of my screen are different.
I can only reset the profile by restarting my pc.

The solution i hoped for was in this link: https://forums.geforce.com/default/topic/1003026/geforce-drivers/psa-windows-1703-creators-update-breaks-colour-profiles-with-nvidia-gpus-icc-and-nvidia-/

The solution i hoped for was this statement: It worked for me to dissable the following option:
Home -> Gaming -> Game Bar -> “Show Game Bar when I play full screen games microsoft has verified”

I tried it in with vvvv but after quitting from vvvv i got the same profile change as before.
With win7 this problem has not appeared.

Does someone have any clues why this is happening? Especially when i close vvvv? Starting vvvv changes nothing.

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I found a solution for this problem that.
For me the 6th point of the link works