VVVV can't load plugin dlls

I found pretty strange bug, during development of EmguCV port.
For example i opening Elliot’s patches, that referenced to old binaries, and all is working, but if i delete bins from this folder and reopen patch- nodes are red, so no dlls are loaded. It’s looks ok, but i can’t drag and drop new dll from another folder. VVVV gives me exeption, that says that this dll is already loaded. This bug not appearing, if you have plugin folder path added to your root patch.

do you have the vvvv-sdk installed? open up the vvvv45/src/vvvv45.sln with sharp develop, start it and look at the “loaded modules” tab of sharp develop. you should see in realtime what dlls get loaded as vvvv starts up. maybe there’s some strange path coming in from somewhere you didn’t expect vvvv to look for?

No, i still not tried it. Thx for the advice, i will publish my results.