VVVV cant connect to mysql database


im trying to connect vvvv to database using database (mysql) node, but i always get status like "cant connect to mysql server ‘host’ " or get error status " lost connection to mysql server during query.

i try to connect using command line and mysql workbench to server, and it work perfectly. but i cant connect it using vvvv

is there any solution for this? or any suggestion?

thank you in advance

maybe login error ? could you post your patch?

i dont know, but the user ID and Password is same with the one i use in command prompt and workbench.

here is my patch

thank you

MySQL vvvv.v4p (19.3 KB)

hello? does anyone else have suggestion or solution maybe?

thank you

Is vvvv present in your inbound and oubounds rules in the firewall ?
I’ve already had a same issue with vvvv 32bits…
using vvvv64bits solves the issue for me.

i already include vvvv in the firewall both inbound and outbound and already tried using 64bit but the result is same " lost connection during query ", i try to search about it and how to solve it is to make longer time out at mysql global config. is there any option to make longer time out connection to mysql database in vvvv ?

thank you so much @julius_berlin for the suggestions.

@artifak I don’t even get a ping response from the IP that is specified in the patch

Pinging with 32 bytes of data:
Request timed out.

@id144 yes me too, but i can connect using mysql workbench and using mysql command line in command prompt. i just can’t connect it using vvvv, it always lost connection during query.

i attached the error ss of my vvvv patch :

and this one success using cmd and wb :

that’s why i confuse, why my patch cant connect to the database hehehe.

Hello Artifak,

when I’m trying to connect to your Database using the mysql workbench 6.3 i’m getting:
ERROR 2003 (HY000): Can't connect to MySQL server on '' (10060)

Would you please check this girlpower and report if it is working:

I’ve also checked the ConnectionTimeout, it looks like that the default timeout is used, which is 15 sec. Do you feel, that your “Lost connection…” message is coming after this time or already before?


Hello @robotanton ,

i’ve checked the MySQL_Example.v4p and it work perfectly fine. im able to connect and sent the query and retrive the data. but i still cant connect to the server that i want ( ) using the same method in that example.

yes the “Lost connection…” message is coming after that time, is there something that i could change to increase that ConnectionTimeout in vvvv?

Thank you so much Anton.

Hi Artifak,

I’ve forgot to ask: when you’re connecting using the command line, does it look like that the connection takes so much time (more than 15 sec) or does it happen way faster?

I guess the node should be tweaked to expose the Connection Timeout as a pin.


hmmm i think yes between 10 or 15 minutes to connect to the server using the command line and workbench.

unfortunately i dont know how to tweak node :(. But i search about the connection timeout and i read that i can set the connection timeout by set it as part of the connection string.

i really appreciate your help and suggestion @robotanton


Hallo, as far as I know, the timeout parameter should be set in the server configuration typically in /etc/mysql/my.cnf .It would be fair to assume that vvvv is taking a bit longer to connect and timing out at 15 seconds?

Hello Artifak,

yes, you are right.
The connection timeout can be simply defined in the connection string.
Just add the “Connection Timeout=x” (x is the time in sec) to the string.
Like in the patch attached.

Here are the MySQL’s connection string options: https://dev.mysql.com/doc/connector-net/en/connector-net-connection-options.html

MySQL_vvvv_connectionTimeout.v4p (19.2 KB)


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