VVVV & Butler XT

Hi All,

I am using vvvv to control e:cue’s Butler XT. At this moment I am running some tests using a small LED panel, which I have no problems with using e:cue’s Programmer software. Once I try to run vvvv, I find myself unable to control the LED panel.
The DMX BUTLER node shows me that the Butler has been detected, but shows the STATUS as “SEARCHING”.
Does anyone have a simple patch they have successfully used to control a Butler they would like to share, so I can deconstruct and see where I am doing wrong? Your help will be greatly appreciated.

You have to create a so called patch-file with e:cue´s “Patchelor” in that file the used LED panel and the the device (the butler and its IP) have to be specified. The created e:cue-patch-file has to be selected on the Patch File pin of DMX (Devices ecue Texture) .

E:cue changed the file-format of their patch-files in recent version(s) of the Patchelor, if I remember correctly vvvv can only load files created with versions <= 3.5.

DMX (Devices ecue Butler) should work just by setting the right IP, never really used it though.

I only tested the e:cue nodes with “normal” butlers, but in theory the XT version should work.

I’ve tried DMX (Devices ecue Butler) with the default IP ( with no luck.

When I try the eNet (Devices ecue Info) or the eNet (Devices ecue Info) nodes with that IP, it gives me the “error by initializing of enet watcher (enet port already used by other application)” even though no other applications or nodes are running… Any ideas?

I wonder if it has anything to do with the fact that I’m using a BUTLER XT…???

Is your PC´s IP address in the same subnet, e.g.
If the windows firewall is active, deactivate it.

eNet (Devices ecue Config) is only needed if your PC has multiple IPs.

As I said the nodes were never tested with the XT, so I can´t tell.

@ Bjoern: Yes, IP addresses are not conflicting and Windows Firewall has been deactivated.

Has anybody in the Forum tested the Butler XT with VVVV…???

I’m trying to connect a Butler XT2 too… without success.
Does anybody know how to connect the XT2 to vvvv ?