Vvvv bug

I have planned with vvvv a graphic interface.
The codex is long and it has link with arduino, with a printer and it run on a touchscreen.

I don’t know why, sometimes, when I open the file, vvvv have some node errors. And if I close and then I open again the file (one or more times), the errors disappear.

Sometimes, when I’m working, the keyboard doesn’t work on vvvv and I have to close vvvv and open again.

Sometimes vvvv close itself without reasons and I have to turn off the pc because I can’t open vvvv.

There is a logical explanation?

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We’re always glad to help, but you’re being really unspecific here so it’s hard to give you advice.

what exactly is happening? You can’t expect anyone to figure out what that means and how to help you on the issue. Please specify. Are nodes red? Which nodes are red? Did they stop working or are they just red? If they are modules, you can go inside them and check which node is causing the error. I mean - come on, we’re not magicians.
Can you break the error down to a very small patch, then post that patch?

Can you better specify when that is happening? You can do everything with the mouse, but your keyboard is not working - correct? It’s very hard to debug without further info, especially as to when this sort of thing is happening.

Again, very hard to say anything without specific information. Can you better explain when that happens?
Generally, it might be that a vvvv task is still running and therefore you can’t open vvvv again. Open the Task Manager, End the vvvv task and try to open vvvv again. And next time that happens, try to figure out what you were doing right before vvvv was closing.

Also, are you using an alpha version of vvvv? If not, you accidentally posted to the wrong section of the forum, this is the alpha section. If you are, and have no reason for it, please go and use the latest beta.