Vvvv as screensaver

hi guys!

my notebook has a built-in webcam, which i’d like to use vvvv for a simple webcam-screensaver. in the first version it should just shows the webcam-picture fullscreen. i used videoin connected to videoout for this, which shows me the video in an activemovie-window, but i’m looking for some answers:

  • how do i hide the activemovie-window? alt-enter, alt-1/2/3 has no function with this.

  • how can i activate the fullscreen-mode on load (fullscreen=1 just shows 640x480 on top-left of the screen, but not as a window). if i activate it after loading, it works fine.

  • how can i load a v4p-file as a screensaver?

  • do i have to insert nodes for quitting on mouse-movement and how could i do that (esp. without any exit-dialogues)?

i hope someone understands my english, otherwise i’ll try it again in german ;)



halo yordan.

sounds cool. first: the videoout node with its activemovie window is rather for debugging usage only. better use the videotexture and place it on a quad.

if you rename vvvv.exe to vvvv.scr in the windows system dir, where the other .scr (=screensaver) files are you will be able to select vvvv as a screensaver. now you’ll need to have an args.txt file in the same dir that tells vvvv on startup which patch to load.

for quitting the screensaver: there is a DoQuit node that you can trigger when you detect mouse or keyboard-activity. the save-on-exit-dialogs should only appear if something in the patch has changed. which should not be the case.

rename vvvv.exe to vvvv.scr

cool ;)

yes cool, i did know that scr is executable, but i didn’t know, that renamed executables work.
id tried a little bit, but the screensaver always shows an empty vvvv-window (0.v4p).
i copied the vvvv.exe to C:\WINDOWS\system32 and renamed it to vvvvCam.scr. i also copied the bin-folder to C:\WINDOWS\system32 because of missing dlls. i used my args.txt from the program-folder, it works fine there, but there, it’s ignored.

maybe i need an external screensaver, where i can choose an exe and commandline-paramters in the screensaver-settings. does anybody know such a screensaver, or has another idea how to solve this problem?

when i use DoQuit, i get a save-dialoge for root.v4p. :-(


right. i forgot about the /bin directory.
but still the args.txt should be found if placed in the same folder as the vvvvCam.scr.

if you don’t want a root.v4p to open you can open your patch with /r instead of with /o in the commandline. then your patch is the root. maybe at first its not visible then (what you could desire in screensaver mode). but pressing Alt+R (Show Root) on the Renderer will show you the root patch again.

aahhh…damn. you’re right.

it wount work with the args.txt. i haven’t tried this for years. when a screensaver is called windows calls the .scr file with a commandline parameter (like /s or so).

now vvvv only takes the content of args.txt if no commandline parameter is supplied. therefore there is no chance for now i think…(other then having your own program that launches vvvv, like you mentioned).

i’ll fix that for the next release. sorry.

apropos - what happened with the desktop workout screensaver? It used to live in the gallery section of the old vvvvebsite, if i remember correctly. I would really like a new copy if anyone has one. Lost mine in a disk crash. thxs!

kevin in norway

you can still download the screensaver at joreg’s site