Vvvv, arduino uno, RFID (RC522) and video

First, i’d like to say, I was using PD for a while but for what i was doing, found it unstable. This led to me discovering VVVV which is truly amazing I find. Thanks for that.

I’d love some advice.
I’m doing a video installation that I’d like to perform the following way:

A short video loop is playing until a visitor activates playback of another video. They activate it using an RFID card. The new video replaces the loop until it its done playing then, the loop automatically returns to screen.
There may be 6 - 10 cards so, I can see making a IO spread and using GetSlice.

I’m trying to structure this patch best and wonder as well, if there’s some way to automate a video fader. I can see a version where the loop plays and when a video is selected by RFID, the fader switches streams while the appropriate video is loaded and plays. When that video finishes, the fader moves back to the loop stream. The videos are short, AVI so the processor shouldn’t struggle.

Any thought on this would be greatly appreciated and thanks for this amazing tool.

dx11 vlc is spreadable, then u can use one of the ready made shaders like Mix or Blend, or u can implement blend function inside of ur shader eg

float4 col = lerp(colA,colb,Fader);

Thanks. A appreciate you taking the time to answer. I did manage to get mix to work fine but, i’m still struggling to make the arduino read come in and access video playlist. I will continue to work on it. Again, any thoughts from anyone would be greatly appreciated.