Vvvv and system performance

hi guys, for an installation we are running a java applet and a huge vvvv patch and we are having some performance issues even so it’s a fast machine.

both applications are running but not rendering at the same time.

even if i disable all the renderers and turn off all the quad’s in all scenes i still cannot really get the cpu-auslastung (cpu load) down all the way.

so i wonder…is there a way to make vvvv not use any system power even so it is still running but not rendering? sort of the opposite of the boost node?..

cheers jannis

hi jannis,
in general: cpu and gpu load are two different pair of stiefel you should regard and treat individually.

your java applet surely doesn’t make use of hardware accelerated rendering, so it consumes cpu-power for display.

have a look at your patch, there might still be processed a lot, even if you don’t render anything; depending on how your patch is organized.

use the perfmeter-module to see, what slows down your patch - things going on in the cpu or actual rendering?

and have a look here: HowTo Optimize Performance

good luck,


try the mainloop node. with it you can reduce the framerate on the fly which makes vvvv use more or less cpu.

sort of the opposite of the boost node?..

the boost node silently supports the possibility of setting boost to -1. this will lower the process priority of vvvv.

anyway the better solution is letting vvvv do less instead of just doing the same with lower priority.

but as joreg pointed out, the mainloop node will help you with that (set background fps to 0)

thanks guys…the main loop thing worked out and i did some more tuning within my vvvv patch turning off as many calculations as possible when not needed…

everything seems to work fine…
cheers jannis