Vvvv and pd graphics to sound

Hi everyone

Just an advice,

I am working in a project with Pipet node, this get my back the values
of a row of pixels (spread RGB) from a image camera, the row data is moving up and down by a LFO and Waveshaper.

The pipet reads changes in the image when I drawing abstract figures, finaly I get a graphics waves of changes in the image (data spread RGB).

I need to convert this data (graphic wave of RGB info) in to sound, I think the better way will be with pd, but I am new in pd and the info of the pipet is a long spread of RGB info.

Besides, I dont know the better way of communication, OSC or MIDI ?

Thanks you guys


knowing almost nothing about PD:

but can’t PD receive plain TCP/UDP ?

vvvv comes with modules called NetSend/NetReceive; IMHO exactly for communication with PD.

should be even faster than OSC,
should be even faster than MIDI

I remember a very funny interaction vvvv <–> pd, few years ago, via netsend and netrecieve.

vvvv with a slitscan and pd with sound of course …

next day i didn’t go work :)