Vvvv and Lua?

I was lately hacking into the lua-script language. (http://www.lua.org/)

Then I just saw this thread on the gimp forum http://www.gimpforum.de/ftopic904.html

I was just wondering if it would be possible to also extend vvvv with lua. Lua is very easy to code and there are good c++ frameworks provided on the lua community to extend c++ with lua.

I know its not a voting community, but I would throw my weight behind a Python wrapper. But its only because I know python and have no expirience with LUA (Which I have heard is pretty cool).

What in particular would you want to be able to accomplish with support for a scripting language?

The link to the gimp forum is 404’d at the moment.

I tought it would be maybe easy to quickly write some kind of “freeframe” plugins on the fly. The gimp-forumlink (that really seems to be 404 right know) tells about making own filters in lua.

I think freeframe ist great, but there is still lots of framework and c++ to dig into. having a scipted language like lua integrated into vvvv could be instant fun…