Vvvv and kinect setup


I installed everything according to kinect.
I have Microsoft Kinect for Windows on Windows 7 64bit and latest vvv_45beta29.2 and addon.

When I doubleclick and type kinect the browser list showing only Perspective and ProjectiveToRealWorld nodes. When i open directly “Kinect (Devices Microsoft) help.v4p” it says “Kinect (Devices Microsoft)is missing”.

Please help. Thanks

you didn’t mention if you tried 32bit or 64bit version. note that with b29.2 ms-kinect works only with the 32bit version (which you can use still use on a 64bit version of windows) but even there has a known problem: https://discourse.vvvv.org/t/10070

so either apply the fix as mentioned in that thread or try latest alpha which also supports ms-kinect in the 64bit version.

Thanks for reply Joreg. I am using microsoft kinect for windows and 64bit version of vvvv on win7 64bit.

Yes, it works with alpha. At least I see no error, no I have to test it in applications. I can even open the node “Kinect (Devices Microsoft) help.v4p” from older version with no error (which btw disappeared from the alpha release).

just checked and “Kinect (Devices Microsoft) help.v4p” is there for me in latest alpha x64 addonpack…