Vvvv and google chrome

Hi everyone,

I’ve been experiencing some troubling performance when I run vvvv and google Chrome browser at the same time. I was recently following the “solar system” tutorial (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ULacdds-Jz4&feature=PlayList&p=E5653092A420C4A6&index=9) and noticed that my CPU reported 90% or more as I was patching.

At first I thought it had something to do with the way the tutorial instructed to patch the Sphere primitive directly to the PhongDirectional node, so I adjusted the patch by using a Mesh (split and join) and a VertexBuffer (split and join) nodes. It helped with the performance but not significantly; maybe 5-8% reduction.

Then I disconnected the Light node’s Right-output pin from the Group node and my performance was reduced this time with some significance (about 25%) but still peaking at around 68/70%. Lastly, I set the Light’s ‘Enabled’ option to 0 and gained another 8/10% decrease.

However, still peaking at 60% CPU consumption. Finally, I closed all the applications I had running (which was only Chrome) and boom! My CPU was reduced to 15% peaking at 20% max. I also tried launching Internet Explorer to test whether it was an issue with having multiple apps running and my CPU did not increase and stayed consistent at peak 20%.

So I am wondering if anyone has this same issue?

I’m not certain on what can be done to alleviate the problem, but I’d like to potentially send google a message to report the potential issue, of course, unless your opinion dictates there isn’t much that can be done at all.

I’m not running an elaborate machine but I found it odd that it only performs this way when Chrome is running.

Your overall CPU consumption doesn’t say much about anything, it just say your computer is having a hard time. You should look at the CPU consumption that every process is using. Than we can see if it was vvvv or chrome.

But to be honest, I think it has something to with Flash (youtube) because my firefox always peaks when watching a youtube movie.
Firefox uses 35% of my cpu with a youtube movie open, vs 1% right now on the vvvv.org website.

Thanks West. I tested this further and it seems to be like you said; resource intensive apps make the CPU spike; some more than others.