I’m connecting Flash with VVVV using FLOSC. The communication is established correctly and I can get the data sending by flash with an UDP server node but the problem is when I want to compare the string I received with any other, because I get some strange characters that seem to avoid the comparison.

For instance:
With the Flash interface I send a variable called “name” with “flacoloco” as its value using XMLSocket(). Using the UDP server node in VVVV I get “name#0#0#0#0,s#0#0flacoloco#0#0#0” when I put the mouse pointer to the UDP Server output pin, but if I connect an IOBox to the output pin the I get “name,sflacoloco”.

No matter if I compare with the first or the second string I always get a zero with the = (string) node.

I guess a simple way would be to find a substring in the resulting string but I have no found any substring function in VVVV (here’s when you notice I’m a beginner ;))

Thanks in advance

hola loco flaco,

check out OSCDecoder (Network) . you first need to decode the osc message before you can compare the sent value! see?

Yep, it works!

Thanks a lot, joreg.