VVVV and CAD Graphics Cards


vvvv refuses to run on a Windows XP workstation with Quadro FX graphics card, as well as on a notebook equipped with a Fire GL 2.
In both cases an alert box appears stating that the program couldn’t be initialized (+ memory address).

Both machines run DX 9.0c + SP2.

i am running a laptop with the firegl v5000 and know of people running vvvv on a quadro fx card.

there should not be a reason that has something to do with those cards. the fire gl 2 sounds quite dated, though.

please run vvvv with the /logstartup commandline and post the content of the logfile (if there is any near the vvvv.exe afterwards).

I had a laptop with FireGL 2 and vvvv worked without problems…

hi sven,
i remember having runned vvvv successful on a mate’s laptop with a quadro fxGo chip.

don’t want to ask this to an old stager like you:
*are you sure that you have the NEWEST Dx9.0C installed?
*did you run vvvv with admin rights?

‘old stager’… hehe, thanks… ;)

But yes, newest dx9 and admin rights are given. Those are not my computers though, so anything odd might be installed which could disturb the process.