Vvvv and augmented reality

Hi all,

I have a client who has seen This kind of stuff and would like to have a similar application for his products. I would usually tackle this using open frameworks with libcv or something like that. I’d like to give vvvv a shot though.

I’d just like to know, is this possible in vvvv. I suppose 3d models and such is not the problem, but rather is it possible to have a properly working 3d tracking mechanism? If so, which nodes should I be looking at?



hey dave,

if i’m not totally off the FiducialTracker node should fit your needs…

ah ok, already found a video about that node. looks like what I am looking for. great. thanks.

slowly, slowly and the vvvvebmaster also gets addicted to vvvv…

well I thought being webmaster I should know the product it’s all about, or am I wrong :)

vvvv doesn’t have a markerless tracking solution as this video demoes. the closest you could come with vvvv out of the box is using the ARTK+Tracker (FreeFrame DShow9) node that comes with the addonpack, which requires an extra license for commercial use though. also i am not sure of its quality (was a quick proof of concept implementation some years ago) and the library i based it on is no longer being developed.

so i’d say with this special tracking task vvvv will not help you out of the box. the way to go would be writing your own tracking based on whatever opencv/openframworks code as either a standalone that communicates via UDP or you implement it as a freeframe node. and then use all the conveniences vvvv offers in rapid prototyping while putting the graphics, the tracking and the logic together.

I think markerless isn’t a requirement, so I probably could make use of fiducial. I’ll do some testing to see how it all works out. I’m sure I’ll be back with a few questions soon.

beware. fiducials are 2d only…

ok… no text …

oh, i wasn’t aware of that. got it confused with artk+/studierstube tracker.
Big sorry, didn’t mean to guide you in the wrong direction.

If I use the videocamera with artoolkit for tracking, is there any way of using this picture in vvvv as well?

you could share the image captured by your app via sharedmemory and read that in with vvvv. done that, quite performant.

this is a copy and paste from a discussion i had in vimeo
about this video i think

first you go to the download page and you clic on download addon
(or here is the link vvvv.org/tiki-download_file.php?fileId=2072 )

then you go int the folder Freeframe
you have a file named
ARTK+Tracker help.v4p
and a dll with the same name

you paste those in your freeframe folder in your vvvv folder

i am trying to figure out witch tag i have used
so i ve upload this one i found on my computer
if it is not working try those

and i upload you the file i modifiyed for the triangles
like this you will understand how i did

have fun!!


Hi guys, thank you so much for being so generous with your work LineKernal, unfortunately your linekernel.net/a.v4p and linekernel.net/artkp.png links seems to be dead, any chance of reposting it? Thanks again, and really fantastic work!

Hello everyone!

I just started learning VVVV - so I apologize for the stupid questions.

What are the solutions for the AR through VVVV now (commercial and free)?
… Metaio can no longer be used ((


any news in this topic ?

Hello !

I just started using VVVV too, for a project with Augmented Reality.
Of course I made what LineKernel suggests, but it doesn’t work at the moment.

I have the message “ARTK+Tracker.dll is missing”. But this dll is in the folder freeframes from vvvv. And without this dll, the ARTK+Tracker Node can’t word. I also tried to copy and paste from the lastet version of ARTK+Tracker, but it still not working…

Does anyone have an idea to fix this “file missing” (which is not missing because the file is in the folder) ?

Thanks a lot for your help,


hei maxime,

you say you got beta34.2 + addonpack (both 32bit) and you can open the helppatch of ARTK+Tracker (Freeframe DShow9) but it doesn’t work? where do you get that errormessage regarding the missing .dll?

Hi Joreg !

Thank you for your fast answer.

I downloaded and installed the version which you told me, and everything works perfectly!
I think the version 32bit fixes the problem…

Thank you again !