Vvvv and Arduino problems

Hello everyone,

i’ve poked around the 4 tutorials for using arduino with vvvv, but since i can’t download all of the patches to check them out myself (instead i have to recreate them from the screenshots, missing out on a bunch of parameter configurations, unless i’m really blind and can’t find the download links by using my own two eyes…) i’m having trouble getting my vvvv to make something do with my Arduino board. I’ve checked the configurations (it’s a Duemilanove Atmega 328 by the way) but they’re all good, and sending information FROM the arduino to vvvv works pretty well.

Can someone please make a simple patch, or direct me to one, to show me how to make an LED on my arduino turn on and off when a certain value in the patch is hit as an input. As stupid as it sounds, i just can’t get this to work.



Hi Fahz0r

on the first arduino tutorial page there is a download all patches link directly under the picture ot the arduino board.

the link is here


hi Fahz0r

do you upload the last firmata in the arduino board?

i don’t understand witch is the problem…

from the arduino(help) patch you can see all you need about arduino and vvvv possibilities…

to control a led from vvvv you have to set the digital pin where the led is connect like output and in the digital input pin of the arduino node just connect a toggle.

hope to be helpful



hi alessandro,

i had some trouble too. the problem may be that the arduino duemillanove has the firmata already and the syntax changed a bit.
i did a extremely stupid patch, which will du the things you want to do (but only one output after another).

please notice: this was my first (wedding) patch for arduino and vvvv and it is not the best way to let them communicate. next thing to do will be to let them communicate more than one letter at once.

hopefuly this patch is running on your duemillanove.

vvvv_schreibt_digital.zip (4.2 kB)

Is there any update of Benedikt’s firmata for currents arduino0017…?
I’m getting plenty errors in the Arduino Ide, with syntax… with all the examples and tutorials files…