Vvvv and 3d characters


i was just wondering if there is any possibility to control a kind of 3d character in vvvv with something like bones — a connection between the single geometrys.

just some days/weeks ago… i saw @sanch working on something like this but it looked really difficult and not very functional.

or is there a kind of fancy trick – simulating something like bones in vvvv?


if there is no way i can only prerender the stuff but that wouldnt be interactive ;)

have a look at the lamp patch.
in there the module “Bone (Transform Vector)” has been used.
you’ll need to build a transformation hierachy with the bone modules. just experiment a little bit with connecting bones in different combinations and you’ll get how it works.
don’t try to do the whole character at once.
it is possible to render the bone structure, so for the first step you don’t need to attach any layers. just connect the bones to the renderer.

attaching primitives to the bones is just the next step.
however skinning with smooth transitions between will be more difficult. don’t try this for now.

good luck!

Hoffentlich krieg ich jetzt nichts auf die Mütze… ; )

I wouldn’t use vvvv for this particular task.
Complex realtime character animation can be done with authoring environments like Director or Virtools.

But I’m sure vvvv will feature a comprehensive set of great animation fuctions real soon, right ? ;D


With the Bone modules only “Forward Kinematics” is possible, but a small node for a simple special case of “Inverse Kinematics” is under way…

With inverse kinematics in general you’ll be able to specify endpoints (e.g. for the hip and a foot of a character) and the knee, upper&lower part of the leg will automatically arrange.

@sven: i allready worked with Director and Virtools.

In this Project Director wouldnt fit to my needs, allready experimented with 3d characters in it.

Virtools is an alternative for sure.
A friend of mine did some projects with this tool, but wasnt complete satisfied.
Moreover during the presentation it crashed several times (while using the buggy fullscreenmode) -_- this was not cool.