Vvvv_45beta25 - Mouse buttons don't bring up menu

Hi There,

I have tryed to install vvvv_45beta25. The initial 2 windows open with the globe and Help patch. None of my mouse buttons work in the Help window. Middle click dosn’t bring up the menu. Right double click dosn’t create any nodes. Left dosn’t work either.

I have an Alienware m17x r2 laptop. Windows 7 x64, corei7 CPU, dual ATI 5870 GPU’s.

I have installed .NET 3.5.1 and verified the install with the Windows tool. I have installed the latest direct x 9c (DirectX End-User Runtime Web Installer). I have unzipped the folder to a folder different to the c:/program files. I have run the Install patch as admin.

I have checked the trouble shooting notes, But can’t see a similar problem. I do have 3ds max installed but also have vvvv_45beta24.1 and this runs without any problems.

Can anyone help?


I have tryed my laptop track pad buttons and a usb mouse. Neither brings up a menu.
I have to exit using Alt+f4 and that gives error

Exception EAccessViolation in module vvvv.exe at 001FCA49.
Access violation at address 005FCA49 in module ‘vvvv.exe’ Read of address 00000000.

some software puts other input events to the middle mouse button…
then try ctrl+n or ctrl+f or ctrl+j and see if any of the windows pop up.
if not, then your .net installation is probably broken.
also try a new download and extract it to another place…

Thanks for your help. Tryed repairing and reinstalling .net to no avail.
Ended up reinstalling windows. All working

i’m sorry to hear you had to reinstall windows in order to get vvvv to run.

maybe that was the reason for the corrupt .net 3.5 sp1 installation, because win7 ships with .net 3.5 sp1 preinstalled?
we should probably clearify this in the download section.

Taken from TTY window, every time I click mouse buttons:

00:02:34 ERR : Error caught in the act: TAddFlow : Access violation at address 005FCC36 in module ‘vvvv.exe’.

same mouse problems as superchunk, will try to reinstall .NET 3.5.1


also see: https://discourse.vvvv.org/

solved with WinFormViews plug

WinFormsViewer.zip (50.3 kB)