Vvvv 3.3 working, but vvvv 4.5 doesn't want

Hi all.

i can’t make vvvv 4.5 work on my notebook.
starting vvvv, creating new simple pacht “render ex9” and “quard”, and conneting them.
but render is still black!

if i open this patch in vvvv 3.3, i see quard.

Also, in ex9 render v4.5 i can see 3D mesh (teapot), But can’t see primitives like cube, sphere…

I’ve got DirectX 9c, .Net 3.5 SP1, and start crack.exe several times
video: mobile intel® 945 express chipset family (biltin)

Why vvvv v4.5 doesn’t work?


WinXP SP3 TabletPC
and vvvv v4.5betta26

new version vvvv 4.5betta27 + “.Net v4.0” + “msvc++ 2010” is working

deformsphere.v4p work 5 sec and freeze
autosnake.v4p too

please create a Renderer (TTY) before opening deformsphere and see if there is an error message when the freeze happens.

good idea.
but i can’t post file here.
look sreen and log here http://narod.ru/disk/38330978001/vvvv_log.zip.html
first screen - normal start vvvv.exe
second - vvvv.exe /showexceptions
and log file for second screen

P.S. vvvv_45beta27 and deformsphere.v4p

odd, i can’t see a problem with this patch. i am afraid it has most likely to do with your graphicscard. you could try a driverupdate.