Vvvv.29 bugs

Point me elsewhere, if there is better place to write this, I will update this post when i find another bugs:

https://vvvv.org/sites/default/files/imagecache/large/images/Capture_11.PNG some funky text aligment is going on here (also in x86 version)

  • x64 - every time i click renderer window, it goes black for a few frames (especially bad when using camera+mouse), it doesnt do it when i click a different renderer window

  • x64 - collada dont work

  • x64, x86 - pairwise dont work for very well, same cases ok, some red

  • Keyboard (System Global) doesn’t work for me
    (tested on X86 release)

  • Sometimes Copy and Paste does’nt work and render TTY print those lines

00:06:54 ERR : couldn’t import XML.
00:06:54 ERR : error message: Empty string.
00:06:54 - : there is nothing that could be pasted into the patch.

KeyboardTest.v4p (12.6 kB)

Pairwise (3d) seems to be broken here… in x86

yep Pairwise also causes the Line (EX9) module to get red.

PairWise is indeed bugged, it also messes up the Line (EX9.geometry) and the Line (EX9) helpfile.

I found something I have not seen before, when I open the help file for my Tweener (Value) plugin, I see nothing, unless I hoover above the output of the pillow node. As soon I remove my mouse it freezes again.

alg 03/01/2013 - 18:47
To fix pairwise download http://www.microsoft.com/en-us/download/details.aspx?id=13450

please start a separate thread for each problem!


  • collada tested to work here on b29 x64. opening the helppatch of Mesh (EX9.Geometry Collada) works as expected. please start a new thread with more details of your problem.

opening the patch you provided in b29 x86 i see that it works as expected. please start a new thread with more details of your problem.

same for copy/paste: please start a new thread with detailed instructions on how to reproduce the problem you experience.

the pairwise problem shall be addressed soon in one of the upcoming alpha-releases. sorry for the inconvenience. in the meantime please follow @algs suggestion.

so please let us consider this thread closed and see all problems pop up in individual threads.