Vvvery special startup bug

hello meso-hq,

never had this problem before, so i guess there´s an issue with 8.1special (clean install)

new pc (in fact, 2 of em).

  • downloaded beta 8.1 & the new .exe.
  • overwritten the .exe
  • launched v4
  • the taskbar said vvvv is running, but the patch window didn´t show up (alt-r? nope.).

i had to delete args.txt & create a new, empty args-file to get it running.



similar problem, but i got it fixed (thanks to the diesslsche fernwartung):

if you don´t have administrator priviledges (windows), you need to:

  • log as administrator, run vvvv once
  • log out, and log in as user
  • run vvvv