Vsync? problem with radeon card


I must use a media control software in a project. I use the VMR 9 renderer and got problems with vsync!?! the camera pans over a street… an the horizontal lines are broken… yo can see this effect only there… other sequenzes re fine.

on my machine… slower than the used machines in the project everything is fine… I installed the new catalyst controll… tested some codecs… nothing…

any suggestion where to start fixing this?


what is the vmr9 renderer to you? you mean VideoOut (DShow9) . this one in fullscreen? it has no vsync, right.

why not use a videotexture on quad in a Renderer (EX9) which is vsynced by default!?

sorry, the problem is not in vvvv. I am unsing am media control software to sync the videos.