VST Issue with VVVV.Audio Pack

Hey there,

i installed the VVVV.Audio Pack to fool around with some VST noding.

All the example nodes in girlpower work fine except for the VSTSynth.v4p.
When loading up there is an System.ArgumentException concerning the loading of the VST (Altair-4.dll)
at Jacobi.Vst.Interop.Host.VstUnmanagedPluginContext.Create(String pluginPath, IVstHostCommandStub hostCmdStub)

and so on and so on.

The VSTHost Node, the MidiShort Node and its (nil) input are red.

I also installed the “Visual C++ Redistributable for Visual Studio” as recommended on the vvv.Audio Pack page.
No Luck.

Can someone help me?

have you started the pack with the 32bit vvvv version? VST plugins need to have the same bit architecture as the host application. unfortunately most VSTs only have 32bit versions, but the 32bit vvvv version is perfectly fine as long as you don’t need gigabytes of textures in the RAM.

thanks a lot!

that got me one step closer to my goal :) no more error.

just the red node MidiShort with the red (nil) on it remaining.

i tried opening the 14_Generating_Sound_VST_Synth1-patch in the main girlpower folder and there the MidiNote-Node is also red.

i guess i missed something bigger here, like fundamental midi setup.

do i have to do this somewhere in vvvv or do i need something like midiOX?

is it possible to set the computer keyboard as midi input device?

or do i need an actual midi controller for this in vvvv?
i don’t have one with me today and would try that tomorrow. then again, i only have USB midi devices…

i think for professional users this is no biggie, would be glad for some suggestions :)

that’s right, you need something like a virtual midi cable, for the patches i have used: LoopBe1 - A Free Virtual MIDI Driver

but any other should do just fine.

how you connect a midi device to your computer should not matter at all. you just need to select the driver of the device at the Driver pin of the midi node.

you can have a look inside the midi modules to see how you can generate midi events of your own with the computer keyboard if you need that.

there are also virtual midi keyboards which you can connect by a virtual midi cable like LoopBe: http://vmpk.sourceforge.net/

thank you so much! i hooked up a midikeyboard and everything works fine!

and i already have one more (hopefully last) question to get started:
is there a way to convert data from an arduino to midi notes?

sure, get the arduino data and on whatever event from arduino you want to trigger a midi message send some numbers into the midi message/data pins of the VSTHost. look inside the midi out modules shipped with vvvv to get an idea which numbers to send.

also this might be of interest: http://www.midi.org/techspecs/midimessages.php#2