VST example patches not working?

I want to use VST’s and MIDI in VVVV.

However, they do not seem to work. There are some example patches and a tutorial for VST. The patches do not work, it compiles without problems after making some adjustments but there is no sound. If I follow the tutorial the result is the same: The VST does open but produces no sound.

The tutorial I followed is on this page: vst

Anyone know what could be going on? Why no sound?

Edit: I restarted vvvv and my computer, but alas did this not change anything.

make sure that you’re on an \x86 build and check the VST examples here:

also check the VAudio option as mentioned here: audio that is an alternative to using VST plugins with vvvv.

yes, the native vvvv vst system is a bit outdated… you might have more success with the audio pack: vvvv.audio-pack-alpha

also have a look here for a few examples: