VRPN communication in VVVV

Just was searching the forum for VRPN info for VVVV and saw that there was a request back in 2011 for implementation of VRPN in VVVV.

Just want to say how I got it working.

I found .net bindings for Vrpn

It worked out of the box with the provided dll in a plugin. See the printvals example in the vrpn source for infos how to implement it (it`s really easy).

My problem was that I was in need of a other vrpn version, so I had to recompile VrpnNet with another version of VRPN, it was really hard to find the source of VRPN (the old releases) but I found them on an ftp server:

After recompiling VRPN.net to the right version everything is working great.

With VRPN you get alot of devices working without programming a plugin
See Trackers on http://www.cs.unc.edu/Research/vrpn/

Good thing about VRPN is that you request data from the server, so you don`t have to worry about framerate and stuff.

Hope this is useful for some of you guys.

GREEtings robi

why not make a nice contribution out of it?

This is very interesting. Thanks for the info. A contribution would be essentially great.

If I find the time I will make a set of nodes to support all kind of devices for VRPN. If you need stuff immediatly ofcourse I can provide a sample


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some people know i have a knack for exotic input devices.

just scanned the list, and found GameTrak in it.

we still have one and a half in the office and i could never access the second analog-stick-thingy nor the foot mine

of course a natural point / optitrack implementation could be even more useful for vvvv heads, just in case you are looking for ideas :)

We used Optitrack within vvvv using their NatNet .net library, it was pretty straight forward (sample code is part of the download which can be rewritten as a node quite easily)

@readme or anyone else

Do you have a natnet plugin for v4 you’d be willing to share?

Or something to interface with VRPN…