VR / Vive Tracking without Headset in VL Stride

Im trying to get the Vive Tracker and Controller Data in Stride, but i dont need the VR Headset rendering part.
Without a “SceneWindow” The tracking will work once i connect “DefaultVRSettings” to a “ForwardRenderer” - but as soon as I add a new SceneWindow it doesnot work anymore.
Multiple SceneWindows works. But this would create a renderpass i dont need. The only solution for this is autohiding the VR View window.

This guide: Using HTC Vive Trackers without Headset | vvvv also does not work for me. Following the setup as described my lighthouse sensors wont show up in SteamVR

maybe this guide is outdated by now, i’d search the web for a recent guide on how to enable the null driver. @u7angel has it running, so it is definitely possible.

I did manage to get the null device working but i couldn’t get the headset back at the time so I had to restore the settings. There is a guide here using a python library, but I found that the settings just worked.

I also got this working got this working a few months back so you can get the position vector and quaternion rotation.


Thx @Hadasi , this looks like its perfect for my needs. i will try to get this working. So this would work without the need to install steam?

Maybe ive had the wrong idea about the VIVE hardware. I thought the controllers, tracker and lighthouses would connect to the usb Splitbox between headset and PC. Now ive read that you need Dongles ive you dont use the HMD . Sadly i have no dongles so my current solution is to connect everything on the HMD but not HDMI so atleast the screens are not constantly on.

Welcome @gegenlicht
I have SteamVR installed on the machine previously so I don’t know if there are some drivers onboard that libsurvive talks to, but I think libsurvive uses only its own. Definately try without first Steam first if possible :-)

The trackers communicate with Bluetooth. The dongles came with our trackers. Can’t recall if the trackers could talk directly to the PC via Bluetooth without the dongles but I have to assume they don’t without a test.

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