Vr / vive tracker / pogo pins

Hi, I would like to use the vive tracker for an application in gamma.
Has anyone ever read the pogo pins in gamma or beta?
I can get the transformation of the tracker, but I have no idea how to get the data of the pogo pins or even send data to the tracker.

I guess they work in the same as the controllers’ buttons. So that one would need the same pins in vvvv to trigger/read them as the controller node has. but I think this isn’t implemented, but shouldn’t be hard to add if you know a bit of c#.


Or you can try to reach them with the new OpenXR backend but I’ve never tried that.

thank you @tonfilm
I was able to get the data of the tracker pins by defining it as a right hand controller in the steamvr settings and connect the ‘TouchController’ node to the right hand of the ‘VRDevices’ node.
But in the end, I would be happy to have a seüarate node for the tracker where I could even send data to the digital output.
A little bit of c# I know, with me it’s more about implenting that in vvvv.
What is that new OpenXR backend and where can I find it?