Voronoi Features

i want to access the different ‘cells’ of a voronoi grid,
alas the voronoi plug doens’t output any bin sizes or smthg,
found it impossible to get the cells through sole patching

somebody (vux?) knows how to update the plug to output bin sizes? any other ideas?


about voronoi plugin, does anyone knows how to fill each cell ? is it mesh job or maybe there is a kinf of filling function ?

as i stated above it’s impossible to get any cell information without tinkering in the plugin code

+1, more features would be nice


but check the “Videonoi” patch which uses Delaunay (2d) for generating indices.

afaik, working on the voronoi is on vux’ todo list somewhere (i found a bug and asked him if there’s an updated version)


yes technically it’s possible to retrieve the cells. It’s something i plan to implement but have some other plugins in the line prior to work on this one.

Idea for the next version is to output cells and also to have a set of points input to locate in which cell the point belongs to.

Will keep you tuned :)

great news

thx vux

What about this new voronoi plugin version with new features?

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Hey Vux,

i found this open source library, it seems easy to implement


I second that, would be nice to have both C# wrapper + vvvv plugin for voro++.