Voronoi effect


i try to get this effect (example.jpg)
but something is wrong with the sort.


Voronoi.zip (174.9 kB)

you need to sample the color on the actual position of the vertex of the mesh, not just cross over the texture:

Voronoi_v4.v4p (31.6 kB)

thanks for helping

is there an option to optimize the performance of this effect
i use an webcam as input and many randomspreads - so the framerate is to low

or it is possible to get a more realistic result
with less triangles like this

… no text …

like this

from the site: “…, color averaging and hand assisted placement of points.”

so you would need to specify the color and place the points by hand…

another quote i like from the site: “Why not make something new instead? Innovate!”

i know this result is not realistic,
but maybe a refinement is possible

for example
less large triangles for areas with a low contrast difference between neigbour fileds and more smaller triangles for neighbours with higher
color/contrast difference between