Voltage control

Hello vvvvriends,

I got several DC motors that work with 0 V - 5 V.
How do I use vvvv gamma to control them, i.e. the voltage levels on several channels?
Thanks in advance.
oli, the vvvv novice

you will need a micro-controller, something like an Arduino, Funduino etc. After you are done with assembling all the electronic compartments (I suppose that you will control these DC mototrs either with PWM or Potentiometers) then you can access your micro-controller via a USB cable by using VL SerialPort or Firmata.

General entry point is Physical Computing.

Thank you both! VL SerialPort, Firmata and the link to Physical Computing are good starting points.
I already have a setup with an 8-relay board on a raspi that will be connected using MQTT.

@olivernetzt I would go for a esp32 + MQTT + PWM output and any transistor
there are many motor control boards available, look for PWM
Also, many of the boards have a “direction pin” and a PWM input, if that the case, its a few lines of code to make the direction pin high/log depending on the “speed” input, by doing that, with just 1 value, from -1 to 1 , and 0 for a stop, you have your motor mapped

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