Hey, I would like to determine the text size by the volume of the voice (whispering/normal/shouting) while inserting a new word/phrase. It should not change afterwards. I tried to patch it, but it isn´t working as I hoped. Maybe someone has a tip or did something similar and can share the solution with me? I’d be very grateful :)


first your use of the pads TextSize and Text where you’re adding items to a spread followed by the use of a Queue, which kinda does the same, looks odd. can you review this part maybe… and then share your progress?

Thanks for pointing that out! I tried again and found a solution to adjust the text size according to the volume of the voice. I’m not sure if this is a less odd way to do it, though. I’m still a beginner, so most of it is trial and error…

The upper patch is derived from this one:

Two problems I unfortunately couldn’t solve yet:

  1. Currently, the Queue node is triggered when the string from the SpeechRecognizer changes, detected by the Changed node. This means you can’t really insert a phrase, and an unwanted doubling effect occurs.
    Maybe there’s a more elegant way to handle this? It shouldn’t involve an extra Boolean since I want to be able to just use a microphone and add different words/phrases. It would be great if vvvv adds them after a pause.

  2. Another problem I’ve encountered, not only in this patch, which I believe is due to a logical error on my part, is as follows: I’m currently assigning each word a random position when it is created. When the spread is full, the last word is swapped with a new one at a random position. Additionally, I want to be able to control all positions with a trigger and assign all words new random positions. If I use RandomSpread, it assigns new positions to every item when the spread is full, instead of just the one that gets swapped. How can I control that behaviour?

I hope the description is understandable.