VLC05test beta27.1 [MemoryToTextureRenderer A1+] Entering MUTEX took 16,0009 milliseconds. 00:13:59

I have now successfully updated VLC player to the latest version and it seems to work more or less fine, I have experienced a freeze og a video once in a while, but nothing crashing vvvv.

In trying to figure out why these freezes has occured I have been looking closely at the tty renderer and a new thing has been introduced, at a couple of seconds interval it writes:

[MemoryToTextureRenderer A1+](MemoryToTextureRenderer A1+) Entering MUTEX took 16,0009 milliseconds.

It seems to be ok, I am just wondering if there is an error of some sort?

No error at all,

that’s merely informational, for me to keep an eye on performance :) In multi-threaded apps, some resources can only be accessed by 1 thread at a time. To make sure there’s always only 1 thread accessing the resource, thee is an object called a mutex that you ask permission. If another thread is busy, this thread might have to wait a while (until the other thread releases the mutex) before it can do what it needs to do.
When it takes longer than a certain amount of time, I log these, so I know how long it had to wait.

So don’t worry, if it was an error, it would say so :)

16ms is quite a bit if you compare it to a frame in 60 fps its alsmost a full frame… what is the other thread doing so long with the mutex? maybe it can be optimized by reducing/restructure the instructions inside the mutex calls?

anyways, please contact me ft, regarding another matter with the plugin.

the videos being played er 25fps videos, they are not stuttering, the patch seems to be constantly at 60fps. the mutex time varies between 15 and 30 ms. more or less

Updating textures can take quite some time. And this probably takes even longer, when at that time the graphics card is just in the process of rendering a scene.

Only the longer times are reported, which means all of the other frames only had to wait less than (I guess something like) 12ms. If it’s reported at ‘a couple of seconds’, then only 1 out of 50 or 75 frames has to wait a little longer than usual.

vlc rocks ;]