VLC video capture device doesn't work.. renderer keeps black

Hi there!
I would like to use the dshow feature of the vvvv-vlc plugin. I am using the timeleak hd80e hdmi capture card wich works pritty well when using it in vlc itself. After doing nessessary presets in vlc i took the following path as filename for the vlc plugin:

dshow:// | dshow-vdev=Timeleak hd80e capture device | dshow-adev=none | dshow-size=1920x1080 | dshow-aspect-ratio=16:9 |dshow-chroma= | dshow-fps=0 | no-dshow-config | no-dshow-tuner | dshow-tuner-channel=0 | dshow-tuner-frequency=0 | dshow-tuner-country=0 | dshow-tuner-standard=0 | dshow-tuner-input=0 | dshow-video-input=-1 | dshow-video-output=-1 | dshow-audio-input=-1 | dshow-audio-output=-1 | dshow-amtuner-mode=1 | dshow-audio-channels=0 | dshow-audio-samplerate=0 | dshow-audio-bitspersample=0 | live-caching=100

The result just keeps black. Using a video file as vlc path is working…

My test patch: vlcplugin–>Quad[EX9)–>Renderer(EX9)

Any idea whats going wrong…?

Thanks a lot!

PS: VideoIn(EX9) is no option… need to spread the stream to different graphic outputs… (or i there a better workaround?)

there’s opencv-plugin-(alpha) VideoIn (OpenCV) supports spreaded input (from multiple cameras), handles multiple link connections and multiple displays as well

Can you get it to work in ‘VLC player’?

If you select ‘show more options’ in the ‘Open recording device’ (or something similar) dialog, you can see which options you could try to feed to the plugin…