VLC plugin with HDV source

I´ve been trying to get my Sony Z1 working via firewire for a while now.
As expected VideoIn does not work as its a MPEG-2 source, so I gave the VLC plugin a try. I can open the device in VLC and see the stream quite nice deinterlaced with some latency (later on that… I remember seeing it better on XP in the past.)

So I copied the dshow path and replaced : with |, this is the result:

dshow:// | dshow-vdev=Sony HVR-Z1E | dshow-adev= | dshow-caching=200

Console tells me:

A0+ DoubleTexture created…
A0+ B (FRONT) dshow:// | dshow-vdev=Sony HVR-Z1E | dshow-adev= | dshow-caching=200 Created new texture (2x2) for device 70737792.
A0+ UpdateDeviceData FRONT=front B Disposing double texture on device 70737792

I can hear the sound from the cam mic, but I only see a pink screen. I could see the picture once, but after saving and restarting V4 it was gone.

Any ideas what could be the cause?

Here is the patch.

HDV_test3.v4p (20.8 kB)

Nobody ever made a MPEG-2 source stream into vvvv? If yes, please gimme some hint, I am really stuck on this one.

I have no idea really, but I would try putting quotes around “Sony HVR-Z1E” in the first place. You never know.

Apart from that, if VLC player can play the stream, the node should be able to play the stream. Maybe try to add the picture size explicitly, and fps etc. (dshow-size=640x480 : You can get the command-line using the VLC-player’s open dialog, as you did before).

I hope some of this helps.

Thx for the reply.

I can hear the sound from the cam, so the connection is established. I also guess it must be the size. Tried already to set resolution via dshow-size=1440x1080 (actually these numbers are the reason why I want to get it working ;).

I will check tonight with files from new VLC Player version.