Vlc plugin preload issues

We are running some problems with the new VLC-vvvv plugin. Basically we have a 4 min long uncompressed video file that runs on a system that includes some other things(3D material basically). We want to be able to swap between the 3D material and the movie. When we load the movie once the patch is running it takes sometime to load but it does. However, when we want to pre-load the file at the moment of opening the patch the loading hangs vvvv for a while. Sometimes it just takes a couple minutes, sometimes it just stays there and we need to restart vvvv. I was wondering if this is a common problem and if there is any workaround or suggestion.

thank you!!!

no experience with that plugin, but with FileStream (DShow9).

try to keep the plugin connected to a Quad (DX9) with Scale = 0 which is enabled and connected to your renderer.