VLC plugin, create seamless loop

Hello VVVVorld
I would create a seamless loop with vlc plugin:

20" INTRO -> 30" LOOP

So I seek to 0.000, than play with this string:

input-repeat=-1 | start-time=20 | stop-time=50

the video loop but with a little jump…

(I’m using a quicktime photo-jpeg codec)


perhaps you’ll give MJPG a try?

Now I’ve tried “all the existing codec in the world”… but I CANNOT make a seamless loop with VLC plugin, maybe is a vlc problem…


Please anyone comfirm this and I’ll stick with filestream->videotexture…


Hey Robe,
Guess your trying to play video on 2 heads?
Otherwise aviscript gives the best loop/switch performance…
Maybe aviscript works in vlc? Really have no idea, but does the doseek work well enough for it to work…

thanks catweasel, i’ll look into that

I guess you mean avisynth?

The only way you can use avisynth scripts in VLC (or any other program that plays avi-files not using VFW) at the moment is by installing a handy avisynth addon called avisynth virtual file system. This will allow you to ‘mount’ an avisynth file, which will then be presented to windows as a directory containing an avi-file (and a wav-file if you want audio only). Vlc can’t open avs files, but it can open this virtual avi file.

It must be a VLC limitation then. The possibilities of the plugin are limited by what VLC can do. I think that’s frustrating, but I can’t do anything about it…
I hope the combination of avisynth and vlc can do what you want.

And I also found this on Vlc command line help

--input-fast-seek, --no-input-fast-seek
                                  Fast seek (default disabled)
           Favor speed over precision while seeking (default disabled)

If precision is not your main concern, you could try it out and see if it doesn’t jump anymore…

So something like
input-repeat=-1 | start-time=20 | stop-time=50 | input-fast-seek

or input-fast-seek=1 or something (you should experiment a bit)

Let us know if it works…

input-fast-seek unfortunately doesn’t bring any better results for me
2010 state: http://forum.videolan.org/viewtopic.php?f=7&t=45687

if it’s sooo much troubling you, and loop is short use .dds sequence.
or render 200 repeats on avi itself, and i would use mjpeg on your case, since when i do random jumps on mp4’s the lag is much bigger then on mjpeg, it almost instant, but almost.

hi toni
loops aren’t short.
.dds eating lots of space
but you right-picvideo makes fastest jump