Vlc filters


is it only me, having problems with accessing vlc filters?


click_green.avi | video-filter=transform | transform-type=90
in vvvv-vlc doesnt change anything

code for real VLC-player (outside vvvv)
vlc click_green.avi --video-filter=transform --transform-type=90

works well!

what am i doing wrong?

thanks in advance


errrrm - html tags :(
vlc click_green.avi (minus)(minus)video-filter=transform (minus)(minus)transform-type=90


Hello grobkorn,

the syntax used to be

click_green.avi | vout-filter=transform

but the video-filter and vout-filter has something to do with vout-filter being the ‘old’ way of filtering in Vlc whereas video-filter would be the ‘new’ way. I can imagine that they cleared that up in Vlc 2.0 (probably removing the old way).

That’s all I can say, I guess you best head over to their forums to find out how it should be done at this time…

Or maybe something is broken in LibVLC (http://forum.videolan.org/viewtopic.php?f=32&t=99357&p=338055#p333659).

Let me know if you find out anything…

(Update) Doesn’t work anymore, as one of the ever-so-helpful Vlc authors points out. You might try the latest plugin with the dll’s from vlc 1.1.x. If that works, your video-effects will probably work too… (or use an older vvvv with an older version of the plugin).