VLC DX9/DX11 differnece and issues


  • a common issue , at least with .mp4 h264 files is that it won t read the last frame (on some cases) unless you connect the Duration pin to the End Loop input pin (with Framedelay), weird, maybe it is related to key frames positions

  • if you load a new file in VLC there is a moment of blackout, which is reasonable anyway as it has to load the new file, but that happens only in the DX11 version while in the DX9 version it seems like it waits for the new file to be loaded before deleting the last frame from the previous file which is a nice behavior if you need to play files one after another


(I am signing this as bug but it may as well a VLC library thing …)

it’s known issues but I think anything DX9 made by VUX is not supported anymore. Move to DX11 man, DX9 is dead.

I am all in for DX11 but in this case DX9 served better…